Kanchhi Matyangtyang

Watch out this entertaining nepali adhunik song ‘kanchhi matyangtyang’ by Sandhya Khadka. The music and lyrics of this song has been done by Charkhole Shishir Lingdam and is arranged by  Balram Samal. This is a fun dance video which is choreographed by Abin Wanem Limbu and in the lead is Sandhya Khadka herself with Actor Sajjan Shrestha and group.

Director : Khagendra Pandhak Limbu

Chief Assist. Dir : Bibee Limbu

Management : Sumi Limbu

Camera : Khagendra Pandhak Limbu, Bibee Limbu, Parshu Limbu, Prakash Limbu, Bibee Limbu, Parshu Limbu, Prakash Limbu, Sanjaya Limbu

Editor : Khagendra Pandhak Limbu

Special Thanks : Santoshi Khadka(Bhattarai) & Jaya Khadka

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