Resham Firiri (Thamel Theme)

From the latest album “Music Makers of Nepal” comes a melodious fusion of Sarangi and Flute instrumental¬†of the classic Nepali song “Resham Firiri”. The instrumental has a modern twist even with classic instruments.

Shyam Sharan Nepali plays the Sarangi whereas Binod Katuwal plays the Flute and Djembe and Babu Raja Maharjan plays Tabla, Madal, and Percussions.

The album composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered digitally by Kichaa Man Chitrakar. Cover Photography, concept, and design by The track recorded at Studio The Pariwartan. Mixed and mastered at Audio Custom Studio. The effects and sampler arrangements are also by Kichha Man Chitrakar. The album concept and project produced by Sanjay Kumar Rauniyar.

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