Antim Saash

“Antim Saash” is a romantic and emotional new Nepali love song. It is a song about a guy singing about his feelings for the woman he loves wishing they could be together until his last breath.

The song is the latest addition to Nepali Pop Genre performed by Sonu Kumar. Roshan Subedi composed the lyrics and music to the song whereas Purushottam Subedi arranged the track. The song is recorded at The Peak Digital Studio.

The music video shows two people who are very much in love with one another that they can spare a day apart. They do everything¬†together. But the guy is hiding a big truth with her. It comes out when they’re strolling around the street all happy and cheerful but suddenly, he starts coughing and bleeding. He faints on the spot making the girl confused and crying.

Roshan Baluwa directed the music video starring Nishant and Pratikshya. Janak Raj Adhikari is the man behind the camera and Nishan Ghimire behind editing work.

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